Profitable Virtual Events: Your Audience & Message

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In this section and the next, we’re going to cover the “where the real money comes from” foundation of your entire Virtual Event (VE):

  • Identifying your most profitable audience (exactly how to pick)
  • What type of event should you have (with outcome examples)
  • What is your ideal message?

Please DO NOT skip any of this.

The reason this 1st part is so vital is because, when you nail it, it’ll answer just about every question you have in the future.

I’m not kidding.  Getting this 1st part spot on will make the rest of everything that much easier AND vastly more profitable.

Who Is Your Ideal, Buying Audience?

Vital Heads Up: BEFORE I get into what I’m about to get into, I need to address a fast mental hurdle a ton of entrepreneurs run into.  That is the false belief if they narrow their audience they will somehow reduce their potential sales. I’ll go into this in full in just a moment, but the core reality you must understand is that…

Nobody is saying you can’t expand later.  You just want to pick a focus for now.   

Knowing exactly WHO you are talking to will answer the questions most entrepreneurs spend a lifetime struggling with: What do I say?!

A HUGE mistake most entrepreneurs make (including seasoned ones) is believing their message, products & services are for EVERYONE.

Listen.  I’m not here to tell you you don’t have a universal fix for everyone’s problems.  Maybe you do.  It’s just not how you’re going to win at the VE game… YET.

What I AM telling you is that if you go to market trying to speak to everyone, you’ll probably crash and burn.

(NOTE: In an upcoming training I’ll break down how you can go after multiple markets without your head blowing up, but for today, we’re keeping it simple because simple = profitable)

Here’s the quote I want tattooed on the inside of your eyelids:

“If you’re not speaking to ONE you’re speaking to NONE” – Jonny Andrews (me)

Yes I’m quoting myself, but it’s necessary as just about 200% of my coaching clients (at every success level) start off trying to go for everyone.

Here’s an example of why trying to speak to too many will kill ya:

Let’s say your product/service is all about lead gen.  Lead gen is great.  It’s 10,000% universal to everyone in business.


No leads = no sales!

It would then stand to reason you could have a Super Lead Gen Virtual Event and cater to the whole of the business world.

And you could.  But here’s where going to wide will start to go sideways on ya…

Are you talking business to business (B2B) lead gen or business to consumer (B2C) lead gen?

Oh crap!  We’re already off the rails!  The message isn’t instantly relevant to either!

You see, you might be an expert at both, but if you want to pull in a nice chunk the ecommerce world who sells consumer electronics, watches, cosmetics, stuffed animals, coloring books and all that jazz to consumers, your message will already be wrong.

But what if you are also an expert at helping real estate agents get more listing leads?

That sort of virtual event has a WHOLE different sort of vibe & language to it.

What you must always remember is you have ONE SHOT at getting your audiences attention.  If you try to say too many things at once you end up losing everyone because your message resonates with nobody.

What most people forget is you have to build everything you do off an exact, targeted audience BECAUSE it all comes down to using language that’ll grab them.

Here are some examples:

Profitable eCommerce Secrets: Get The Behind Secrets To How 20 eCommerce Experts Are Building Massive Buying Audiences In 30 Days Or Less…

Let’s then compare that to this headline:

Realtors – Discover How Flood Your Pipeline With Lucrative Listing Leads On Near Autopilot In 45 Days Or Less…

And then let’s try to make them all work at the same time

Business Owners: Get The Inside Track From Over 20 Industry Experts On How To Generate Floods Of Warm, Targeted Leads To Your Business In Under 30 Days…

Do you see how the top 2 call out to an exact market while the other just goes for a super general term?

Sure, you could run that and maybe have a bit of success, but being wide like that causes a TON of headaches:

  1. Your lead costs will increase by a HUGE margin because your audience & landing page language isn’t targeted enough
  2. Your expert list will be all over the place and most registrants won’t buy your upsell because it’s not all about them
  3. When you go to sell your own stuff later your audience will be too skewed and it’ll create a TON of headaches.  What I mean is you’ll need to keep explaining your value over and over and over rather than having everyone just “get it” because they just spent a ton of time with you!

Here’s exactly how to pick your ideal & most profitable market:

First: Determine what powerful outcome you can deliver for your buyers/clients

Ex: How to set up campaigns that presell leads so there is very little, if any, sales friction before the close. 

Second: Determine what market segment that you can serve, who will get the most value from what you can help them with

Ex: with your eCommerce targets their profit margins are often 50% or less on consumer goods ranging from $30 -$200.  Your realtor clients can earn 3% of a home sale worth $250K – $750K.  (AKA $7,500 – $22,500 per sale)

START WITH the one who will have the MOST benefit from what you offer.  AKA the realtor because just 1 sale will cover the costs of you and then some. 

Remember: You can always circle back to a 2nd audience later.  This isn’t about shutting it down forever.  It’s about WHERE DO YOU START FIRST!!!

Action Items:

  1. Write down what it is you do best & what the most transformational outcome your clients can get when they work with you or use your stuff.
  2. Once you have that, list off their top 5 main pain points in relation to how you can help…
  3. Make a short list of the top 5 customer types who will best benefit from what you do.  What exactly is their outcome & what is the value of that outcome?
  4. Pick 1 to start with (you don’t have to totally decide yet. But have one ahead of the others)

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