Launching Your Profitable Virtual Event: A 7 Part Series

In this 7 part deep-dive breakdown, you’ll learn how to quickly & easily set up profitable virtual events that will boost your lead flow, increase your authority in your market & ultimately generate profits now AND in the future.

Even better, this deep dive can be used by anyone in any market to set up a highly profitable virtual event.

Over the next few minutes you’ll be handed the exact methods & systems we use for our clients to create highly effective virtual events over & over again.

You’ll get the entire behind the scenes breakdown including how to streamline the process, VERY costly mistakes to avoid & how to put all that together in order to go virtually hands free quickly.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  1. What Are Virtual Events & How To Make Them Profitable For Your Business
    • Show me the money!  Why will this work & what a virtual event can do for you
    • How to select your most profitable audience
    • What type of event should you have & what results can you expect?
    • How to craft a powerful message
    • How to pick the best & most engaging influencers & speakers (and how we used these same systems to pull in over 50 New York Times & USA Today bestselling authors)
  2. Tools, Systems & Processes For Producing Leads & Sales
    • Lead gen systems
    • Site builders to NOT use
    • How to keep it VERY simple even if you stink at technology
  3. Getting Consistent FREE Traffic, Lead Flow & Sales
    • The top 5 methods to getting your speakers to promote like crazy
    • How to use “copy/paste systems” to go virtually hands free…

Shall we begin?

Show Me The Money: What Are Virtual Events & Why You Should Be Using Them

Just like a live, in person event, a virtual event is a massive gathering of people who all share a common interest around a central topic.

So what’s the major difference?

A virtual event doesn’t cram them all in the same room! <– That’s a big deal these days!

Virtual events allow everyone who attends to consume your content form the comfort of their own home, on any computer or mobile device & even engage with the speakers & other attendees directly through private social media channels.

Virtual events (or VE’s from here on out) are powerful because just like their live counterparts, they have the power to set you up as a major authority in your market.

But they don’t stop there.

When set up & executed correctly, VE’s can have an incredible array of benefits.  Including being a healthy revenue stream.  (We will break down some numbers for you here in just a second)

Why You Need To Be Using VE’s:

Outside of being an amazing way to generate a flood of warm leads & sales, there are quite a few incredible benefits.

With what’s going on in the world right now the face of business has changed drastically.  What this means is especially if you derive your income from in person exchanges, such as belly to belly sales, physical events, speaking, book signings or anything else that requires both your time & body to take be somewhere at a certain location, you MUST start to diversify your lead/income production.

Here Are A Few Reasons You Want To Use VE’s To Stand Out, Grow Your Audience & Increase Your Revenue:

  • VE’s produce VERY warm leads for your main services/products: You’ll see how all this works in just a minute, but the normal way to run an effective VE is to simply require all who speak to also promote.  This is very doable when you know how to correctly reach out in the first place. (a huge mistake most entrepreneurs make!)
  • VE’s Set YOU Up As THE Authority To Your Market: Because you’re the person they see in each video, each live stream & each engagement with all the speakers, it sets you up as the primary authority figure.  They see you were able to pull in all these awesome names they already respect, so that respect rubs off on you in huge volumes. (and this caries over when you go to sell your stuff later on 😉
  • VE’s are far less costly than a real event: (No need for hotel room blocs, no need for caterers, conference hall rental and all the rest of the huge expenses that go into a live, physical event)
  • VE’s produce a steady stream of sales & can be “evergreened”: When set up correctly, after you finish your first round, your VE can then be set up to become an evergreen, ongoing lead generation tool & revenue producer.  You can even have your speakers included it as part of their automated follow up sequence as well as send paid traffic to it!

The best part is all that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now, let’s dive into how to correctly & profitable set one of these up for YOU

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