Part 3: More Engagement & More Buyers… Quickly

This is part 3 of a 3 part series. If you have not read part 1 yet you should start by clicking here >>

In this post I’m going to take you through all the sequencing & how to turn this into a massive “open air prospect magnet” that transforms visitors into engaged fans & buyers very, very quickly…

You’ll see how to get people to this sequence in the first place AND what to do with them after they show up.

Step 3: Initiate FB Pixel Magic

The magic of using this FB pixel is that you can go into your ads manager dashboard and set up some new audiences.  (Note: This can also be done using YouTube & Google Ads.  As I’m working to keep it simple, we’ll focus on FaceBook today)

These audiences can be built from just about anything. Your list, people engaging with your Instagram profile, your followers AND people who have come to certain pages of your website…

Ahhhhhhhhh… NOW it’s starting to make sense.

You’re going to want to follow the on page instructions and create an audience based around people who have landed on THE SECOND PAGE OF YOUR HONEY POT!

Get it? No need to build one of those who have landed on the first. That can be a list of bots, people who weren’t into what you had to say and just a bunch of other stuff you don’t need to mess with.

But those who hit the 2nd page? Oh yea. Those are people who read the 1st page & liked it enough to move to the next part.

And you can do this for every page after.

Once again, YouTube has scads of up to date videos on exactly how to pull this off. No need to fear the tech.

But What Do You Do With These Pixel Page Audiences?

Glad you asked!

You are going to do a little marketing ninja trick known as “retargeting”.

Here’s How You Already Know What This Is:

Have you ever seen an ad that really caught your attention & clicked on it? Let’s say it was for shoes. Maybe they were pink clown shoes with alligator faces spray panted by Banksy on them.

Can you see them in your mind? Good! Because if you HAD clicked on these shoes you would now see them on every website you visit including your FB news feed.

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales volume at a crazy low price. All the cost is in getting the initial clicks! Why would you waste interest someone has shown?

What you will do is now run a follow up ad for $1/day to the people in your new pixel audience.

This ad can be to join your newsletter, this ad can be to read more of your stuff, this ad can be pretty much for anything.

What you’ll notice about this ad is that IF you are tracking conversions (meaning using your pixel to track your cost per lead NOT your cost per click) you’ll start to see how much cheaper you can get the outcome you’re looking for.

Case in point: A few bits back I rolled out a course called The Ultimate Bookselling Masterclass.  (It was for entrepreneurs who wanted to build even more credibility by becoming a bestselling author.)  Before people could buy the course I showed them, in the form of case studies, what some of my agency clients were able to accomplish.

I took everyone through how powerful FB ads really are when you stop bidding on clicks & instead bid on leads, view content or sales. You can literally see exactly which ads are making you sales.

Not only that but it’s a HUGE endorphin rush when the “You made a sale” emails start flooding your inbox! But I digress…

The main “trick” with this technique is to not let your ads go stale. As you publish more books, run different ads that’ll let people know to get on your prelaunch list. (If you’ve done a consulting call with me then you’re VERY familiar with these and how many units they can move!)

From there simply treat them to a “slow cooker” ad which informs them of whatever you’re up to. Invite them to join you for a live, or let them know you have a new story up on the site.

Just run $1/day, slow cooker “ads” to these folks & stay on top of them!

You will see the pay off when your new titles come out! (or even your back catalog!)

That leaves just ONE question…

How To Get Your Target Audience Into These Lists In The First Place

AKA: How do you tell people this story is here so they can read it, love it & become part of the honey pot brigade?

There are MANY ways you can do this. You already know how so I’ll rattle them off.

  • Run FB ads to your interest targets. Make sure they know it’s a training course and no need to optin or download (you can even put a preview intro inside the ad!)
  • Tell your existing fan base about it. Post the link along with some killer images & engage in conversation about it
  • Tell your existing subscribers & link from your email to it (and send more than once!)
  • Post it to all areas of social media & keep the pressure on!
  • Have some of your author friends mail/post it to their fans!
  • Have a simple to say URL forward to the post. ( for lovers of bacon) Go on the podcast circuit & use that as your major call to action.

The list goes on. But those should be MORE than enough to get you well over 5K new targets both in your pixel list and on your email list.

Show Me The Money:

But this sounds like it would take a long time, you say, I want sales NOW…

What I’ve described here is simply 1 of over 15 different “target softening” methods I use personally to turn people who have never heard of me into raving fans & coaching clients.

Everything I described falls into the 7/30 category.  That means you can start seeing results from this in as little as 7 days and very much so within 30.  Meaning this is very, very, VERY fast on the results end.

Seriously.  Try it out & see.

Do This Next:

IF you found this helpful and you would like some very hands on help boosting your sales or growing your business, consider setting up a time to chat with me. You can see a fast breakdown of our Profitable Author Agency Program here >>  and if you’re a nonfiction author, make sure you reach via our Contact Us page.

But either way, make sure to click here & share part 1 with friends who you think would benefit from it!

Take care & chat soon,

Jonny Andrews