Part 2: Setting Up Your Honey Pot & Building An Engaged Group Of Prospects

This is part 2 of the series “How To Build & Audience Of buyers Who Love Your Message & Will Buy Your Stuff” Click here for part 1 if you missed it

In this 2nd part I’ll take you through the step by step method to getting this system up quickly & effectively.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Honey Pot

One key element to this method is taking the 15 seconds it requires to set up your FaceBook pixel correctly on your landing page.

WAIT! DO NOT allow any part of your brain to say “oh, I’m not savvy with that…” If you can copy/paste you can put your pixel on your site. Go to YouTube and look up any number of 50,000 videos published in the past 90 seconds that’ll show you exactly how. Worst case? You can hire a kid on Fiverr or Upwork to do it for you. Don’t pay more than $10. Just make sure you get this done!

Now that your pixel is set up correctly & tracking people who come to your site, it’s time to publish your Honey Pot.

You’re going to LOVE what we’re going to do next, but first let me tell you WHY it’s so important you do this.

Remember how every market is super noisy? It’s actually way worse because you’re not just competing with other people in the market.

You’re competing against LIFE itself.

This means it’s not enough to simply get your markets attention. You need to get it AND then stay front of mind for a while.

You see, people are being bombarded by tens of thousands attention requests each and every day. Ads, kids, spouse, laundry, work, tv, podcasts, their mother in law with her broken foot and sudden craving for Burger King. EVERYTHING.

Lives are so hectic that if you think that having someone read a post of yours without also staying on them is enough… you are sorely mistaken.

If you aren’t already as famous already as say, Stephen King, you need to take some pretty spicific steps in order to get, then stay FRONT OF MIND.

Here is how get said attention the 1st time & then keep it so you can stay FRONT OF MIND:

For this to be hyper effective you’ll want to break up your honey pot post into at least 2-3 parts.

Publish each part to a different post. At the bottom of each part, link to the next with a pretty strong call to action.

(“Hey wait a minute, didn’t you just…” you may be thinking… And if you are, you would be correct ?

NOTE: End each part on something of a cliffhanger (as they can simply click to get the next it’s not “offensive”)

NOTE: If you’re nonfiction you can publish a 3-5 part “how to” series that will deliver some epic value to your audience & have each step be it’s own page or post.

At the very end of this awesome, multi step Honey Pot, NOW you can put your call to action.

This can be to get the next part free by joining your email list, set up a strategy call or any number of a million things that let them take the next logical step

So that’s how to set up your Honey Pot. But we are NOT done yet. In the next part I’ll take you through exactly how to build an audience of your most engaged buyers.

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