Introverted Entrepreneurs: Here’s Your Perfect Business Model

Doesn’t it seem like everywhere we look some “guru” is yelling into a camera telling everyone to GET OUT THERE AND BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND!!

And I get it.  Personal brands can be fun.  They can make you a ton of money.   You can meet the most incredible people.  It can be extremely validating getting all that positive energy from your fans.

In reality, this blog is me returning to my personal brand building after 10 years behind the scenes.  (No, the irony of this is not lost on me!)

But what if you’re just not into it?

What if no volume of money in the world is enough to get you cranking out oceans of content every 20 minutes?

What if you’re a real life introvert and even the thought of “getting out there” brutally drains your energy?

Or what if you’re not able to for some reason? (Having worked with THOUSANDS of authors, I can tell you there are a healthy number of real world reasons.  Some of them were very, very scary with threats of violence to them & their families.)

But with all that said, what if you also have a drive succeed as an entrepreneur?

Trouble is, you still need to do all the things entrepreneurs do like websites, social media, influencer marketing, traffic, lead gen & sales.

Here’s the good news: I’ve figured out how to do it all WITHOUT showing so much as a hit of your face and/or voice!

Important Disclosure: The model I’m about to cover was one I chose to pause during the early days of COVID-19.  This fact has nothing to do with how successful the launch was, or any of the systems/marketing you’ll be able to use.  It simply had everything to do with China being the global hub of manufacturing & that under the circumstances, pausing was the best move for us and our subscribers.  If you’d like to read about how that came to pass, you can check out this post here

What you’re going to learn in this series is the following:

  1. How, if you’re an introvert, you can make certain business models work really well for you (with some slight “modifications”)
  2. How I was able to build multiple 6 figure income streams in VERY social markets WITHOUT ever showing my face or letting people know I was “the dude who did the thing”
  3. What sorts of traffic methods will work best for this business
  4. How you can set up multiple streams of revenue

I’ll really try to deliver the goods on this one as I had enough folks in TikTok request it.

Before we jump right in let me give you a fast background on who I am, how I know this stuff & what some of my results have been.

Exactly Who Are You Learning From?

Howdy.  I’m Jonny Andrews.

I used to be homeless.

May years ago I made the decision that my life sucked.  I was tired of being 300lbs, broke & exhausted all the time.

So I left my girlfriend & moved into an office the size of a vending machine, above a used car lot in St Charles, Ill.  At the time I thought it was the perfect way to “motivate” myself to work harder.

Since I was sleeping on a concrete floor I’d be forced to focus & crank deals in real estate investing.  And with the gym across the street, if I wanted to shower I’d have to work out!

So I bounced between living out of the back seat of my 2001 silver Honda Civic & a blanket in the office.

It worked.

Sort of.

What I thought was going to last maybe 3 – 6 weeks turned into just shy of a full year.

To make a long story short, about 2ish weeks before I was supposed to close on a series of deals that would have set me up with some healthy cashflow, I got a call from the broker telling me I was “Late on my mortgage”.

The problem with this was I didn’t yet own any property.

As it turns out, a guy (who’s name & address I will never forget but not publish here) had stolen my identity, purchased a home using it & was now behind on his payments.

Keep in mind: This was circa 2005.  Many years before banks & credit cards had rapid processes in place to battle what would become a sweeping problem.

End game: I was hosed.

To make these deals happen I’d been living off credit, rolling one card into another for over a year.  It was well over $60K in debt at that point.

There was no way out.

The terror of total financial destruction, looking like an idiot to all my friends who told me it “couldn’t be done” and my family who thought I was a fool… it landed on my like a pack of starving, rabid dogs.

And then it happened…


Nothing happened.

The balled up fear I’d been holding in my stomach for so long it would climb up my body & claw at the veins in my face like some sort of animal trying to get out…

It was gone.

The night I let the fear in I learned the most valuable lesson in m life.

Fear is not real.

Fear is the result of a story we tell ourselves about what other people will say or what the future will bring & how painful all of it will be.

That night, wrapped in my thin green blanket, on my cold, hard floor…

I got the best sleep I’d had in years.

The next morning I went to the bank, over drew my account by as much as I could get ($200), jumped in my car & headed for my parents new home in the hills of North Carolina.

Credit destroyed.

No income.

No job.

No credit cards.

No bank account.

Less than $200 cash.

The holidays were just getting started!

Hail the triumphant return of the entrepreneur!

(Not wanting to end this section on a cliffhanger… fast forward 4 years & I’d built a business that had done over 7 figures in sales.  But that’s a story for another time.)

On With The Show…

In part 2 we’ll cover the overview of the model, how to get your core income systems lined up & tested BEFORE you blow any money on marketing.

Click here for part 2: The Introverted Entrepreneurs Perfect Business Model >>
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