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Discover how to use AI/ChatGPT to do all the "work" in inside this NEW, $62Bill luxury niche that, until now, has been untouchable outside of a few mega brands...


Zero-Hastle Affiliate Payments:

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Just How Big Is This Market?

$380K+ In 2020

Our First Year In Business

$872K+ In 2021

MASSIVE Growth In Year Two

$1.4Mill+ In 2022

Our Sales Keep Growing!

About Our Results:

The results above are NOT us selling an opportunity to folks who want to earn more money. Those results are us selling INSIDE this growing market directly to local consumers. (They are also OUR results and being used as an example NOT a promise of success)

What About Other People?

During the webinar we show stories published by mainstream media outlets, easily searchable by anyone, detailing just some of the successes by totally normal people.

Some of these success stories didn't even have a website when they got started. So many sales came in from social alone they are now expanding!

This Kind Of Market & Drop-Shipping Opportunity Has Never Existed Before

Initially catching fire with the public as a way to cure boredom during the lockdowns, demand for what used to be a virtually unknown luxury item, charcuterie gift baskets, has exploded to over 1.5 million hungry monthly buyers. This massive global demand is almost totally centered around consumers desperately trying to buy from providers in their local area!

There Is Nowhere Near Enough Supply to Meet This Growing Demand...

BUT... because of strict regulations, expensive insurance requirements and confusing licensing demands, the opportunity was off-limits to anyone other than massive food industry brands... until now!

This is the single largest opportunity for anyone looking to earn passive income, with a home business who would like to experience success by side-stepping brutal nationwide competition, quickly generating sales from simple LOCAL search and simple online ads. Even better? They DO NOT need a product, any previous experience and can live anywhere in the world!

Starting in late 2019, My Charcuterie, a Chicagoland company, has grown from a small, home-based hobby into one of the largest charcuterie caterers in North America. Today they offer the first ever done-for-you product charcuterie gift basket, home business opportunity. This exclusive program includes top of the line training to help anyone set up their own lucrative local brand, profit from offering our virtual classes as well as drive massive, multi-product corporate orders. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone no matter of past experience, geographic location, language or background!

Gorgeous Charcuterie Gift Basket Drop-Shipping

We Make Gorgeous Charcuterie Gift Baskets & Send Them To Your Customers!
(We Do The Work & YOU Get Paid!)

What's Inside This Copy/Paste Simple Program
(Besides Using AI/ChatGPT To Do All The "Work" While We Drop-Ship Products?)

Zero Selling Required

Learn to generate PASSIVE sales by ranking locally for high demand, high profit products that we make and ship to your customers...

Profit From Social Media

Tap into the exact same methods we have used to generate over $1mill in sales starting with ZERO social following and growing a fan-base of hungry buyers!

Powerful Local eCom

Keeping the whole process simple so even those just getting started can succeed with eCommerce.

Eliminate Confusion & Overwhelm

Each section of training is built with videos, demos, swipe-files and more to accommodate any form of learning. Never again experience debilitating confusion!


Our team handles all production creation, order fulfillment & split the profits of every sale your subscribers send!

Use AI/ChatGPT To Do All The "Work"

We use ChatGPT to help do all the heavy lifting when creating new brands, product descriptions, ad copy and more!

Ready To Get Paid $198.80 Per Sale?

Zero Hastle Affiliate Payments:

We know the affiliate market can be rough. That's why we've taken the need for trust out of the equation. Since 2004 we've used ClickBank so you know you will be paid on time, every time, no questions asked!

What Past Training Attendees Have Said:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This Stuff WORKS!

"You are inspiring! You help keep me focused and on the right path. And this stuff WORKS!"

Shelique Lize

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I Wish I Knew This From The Start!

"These systems and strategies are truly pure gold. I’m committed to keeping this going!"

Steven Ferri

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I’m Finally Unstuck!

"I’m so happy I did this and I only wish I’d done it sooner!"

Katrina Brayton

"I owe you a lot! I got my sales up to $100k per month after taking up the methods I learned from you! "

Abby Weeks

For All Skill Levels & Locations

Both the webinar as well as the paid training program have been made for anyone of any skill level and location. Your subscribers DO NOT need to live in the US to succeed with this powerful program!

Based On Real World Success

Both the webinar as well as the course were created using cold, hard facts. Real-world proof of market size and scope can be verified by anyone.

This opportunity is real and the door is open NOW for those who want to experience success. Nothing like this has existed in the past 20 years and may not again.

Jonny Andrews

Meet Your Host:

Jonny Andrews has 15+ years of hands on results in the fields of business development and marketing.

With over 250+ sites, successful exits, and having built audiences from scratch now reaching tens of millions, he has become known as the “go to” person for growing profitable businesses.

In 2010, after launching his book “How To Live Debt Free And Wealthy” to bestseller status, he went on to build a marketing agency helping over 16K authors, including many USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers.

Today, he and his wife, Liz, operate My Charcuterie which has grown into one of the largest charcuterie caterer gift basket sellers in the US. He created this course to help others get started with their own business so they may discover their own delicious success, with no cooking skills required!